Our mission is to continuously improve the interaction between passengers and drivers, helping people move towards their goals.

Since 2003, we have been developing innovative taxi order technologies which make the service more modern, accessible and safe. Taking into account the specific features of both metropolitan cities and provincial towns, we give passengers the opportunity to call a taxi in any convenient way. Drivers get the opportunity to optimize the processes of search and transportation of passengers as well as reduce the empty run and idle time.

The history of the company began in a small Ural town of Shadrinsk with a small taxi order service. The company was founded by young engineers from Kurgan who were technological processes and production automation technicians.

The founders, together with invited drivers, worked as taxi drivers using their private cars.

They wanted to automate the working with orders as much as possible and make the taxi service widely used.

The path of the company's continued business success led the founders to branch out and divide up the labor. Everyone performs their own unique role: some people build modern call-centers and train operators, some develop software products and provide technical support, others attract clients and transport operators, and the rest provide transportation. In order to render the service efficiently, teams of specialists in various areas of knowledge and expertise collaborate and run like clockwork.

For the first six years, arrangements were made to operate in four cities, efficient business processes were organized, and traditions of mutually beneficial cooperation were developed. This has resulted in the further expansion of the company. For example, we opened branches in seven cities all at once in 2009, expanded to 17 more cities in 2010, and from here on out the rate has reached 22 cities per year!

In each city, we step up the competition, give drivers jobs, pay taxes, and work for the benefit of both the people and the economy.

We are proud to say, due to our ambitions and experience, a powerful hardware-software system has been developed which maintains operation of the service and provides detailed analytics for flexible business management. Based on our requirements, an operators professional training system was developed. Now, a vast number of orders received round-the-clock by phone by means of our website and application "Maxim: order a taxi" are accepted by Russian Federation's largest specialized call center for receiving and processing of passenger and freight transportation orders. Additionally, it services the drivers who work with orders via the app "Taxsee driver".

Since 2014, we have started to work overseas, opening subdivisions of our taxi order service in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Bulgaria, Tajikistan, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Italy. We have grown into international company.

Our aim is to become a global brand to provide our clients with an opportunity of using the service "Maxim" while travelling across different cities and countries.

We are pleased to create technologies and business at the same level as world market leaders.

It’s time to go!